• Best Position
    Comfortable positions that physically benefits both you and your baby during labour. 
  • Giving Birth
    Makes giving birth easier, safer and faster.
  • Use Anywhere
    Used in maternity Hospitals, Birth Centres and at Home Births.
  • At Anytime
    Used in multiple positions during prenatal, neonatal and postnatal stages.
  • Comfortable Upright Birth Support for Mothers.

    The CUB allows you to adopt and maintain positions that are not only the most comfortable but physically the most helpful for you and your baby during labour, making giving birth easier, faster and safer!

    The CUB can be used at home in late pregnancy to encourage baby to adopt an ideal position for birth as well as throughout labour as a comfortable support, either to sit on, rest on or lean over as well as to give birth to the baby on if you choose so.

    • Most comfortable position
    • Prenatal, neonatal & postnatal
    • Use anywhere, anytime.
    • Easy to clean
    • Made from biocompatible material.
    • Small, very lightweight & fits into a bag
    •  Less risk of perineal oedema
    • Wide base for stability 
    • Separate safety inflation chambers
  • Comfortable Upright Birth For Professionals.

    Upright positions during birth (sitting, kneeling, squatting, and all fours) have been the topic of much research in recent years, and the results of the research are dramatically in favour.

    CUB can increase the space within the mother’s pelvis by up to 30%, allowing more room for the baby to be born, labour contractions can be more effective making labour shorter, babies are 54% less likely to become distressed and mothers are a whopping 29% less likely to need an emergency Cesarean section! 

  • Benefitsfor Mother and Baby.

    • Pelvic Space

      28%-30% increase in pelvic space for Baby Birth with upright labour and increase effect of contractions.

    • Less Abnormalities

      54% less incidences of foetal heart abnormalities

    • Reduced Pushing

      50% reduction in length of first stage of labour with a significant reduction in second stage of labour (Pushing)

    • Reduced Assistance

      23% less likely to need a medically assisted birth

    • Episiotomy Reduction

      21% less likely to need an episiotomy

    • Reduced C-Sections

      29% reduction in the chance of needed an emergency c-section

  • Professional Benefits,Birth Ball vs CUB

    • The Birth Ball

      The birth ball requires a high level of mobility to balance on.

    • The Birth Ball

      The birth ball cannot be used to give birth on.

    • The Birth Ball

      The whole ball can suddenly deflate if it is punctured which poses considerable risk for mother and clinician.

    • The CUB

      Wide, stable base which allows the mother to comfortably rest without using her legs to balance.

    • The CUB

      The CUB can be used to sit on to deliver the baby.

    • The CUB

      Safety features designed to prevent a sudden collapse of support – include double thickness, separate inflation chambers and safety inflation / deflation valves.

  • Comfort and Safety for Mother and Baby.

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  • Where can I learn to use the CUB?